Fortune Metals and Alloys LTD

Fortune Metals and Alloys Ltd is a gold export company based and incorporated in Zambia a landlocked country in southern Africa. We have a surplus supplier around the nation, we have the opportunity to export and build a strong growing company.

Our company has members of directors
Dr. K.A.Manshoor Kattoli., M.A., P.hd
Mr. K.M.Shahul Hameed.,, MBA (Finance)
Mr. Illamaran Joseph Kennedy., B.Sc.B.L

are associated together in providing quality of Au bars. They are dedicated to upholding our company values and delivering the greatest possible experience to our buyers.

We look to serve as a real true international dealer in the gold Dore Bar and gold dust industry. We aim to be one of the highest standard of quality in our gold exports, enlarge our business to meet the world’s market with our gold.